Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Google Reader has transformed my way of consume information

I marvel over the Google Reader. I do not know if you have thought about it? But I’ myself are amazed how much value it creates for the consumer of information. It saves time and money. It increases knowledge and creates entertainment value. In other words, it helps excellent to fulfill the basic human need of comprehension and meaning.

Even though the principle behind it may seems simple. It is a powerful one. Information should come to the user, not the other way around. Not only that. You decide when you want to consume it - i.e the consumption are on your own terms.

Not only has it transformed the way I read, but also how much I read and what I read. Yes, the reader has meant that I save time when reading. But it has also meant that I now spend much more time of reading. A paradox or what? The reason is that I now can keep up with many more different ongoing debates and discussions on the grid. I can also find and cope with a much wider variety of interesting topics. And all this, I can do with a reasonable effort of time and energy.

Some early adopters seem to be hesitant to the reader. This when the speed and mass of information on the Internet are increasing. Instead e.g Twitter and Friendfeed are recommended as efficient methods to satisfy the need of information. They are much faster and spot on, it is argued. So may it be! But for me, I will still cherish my reader for a long time yet.

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