Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mobil Phone as a Black hole. Its devouring of business ideas on its way to become The surfing device of Internet

Tech is the king. It is often said that technology changes everything and so in unpredicted ways. It is a force which few can predict or stop. New tech creates many new wonderful things for us consumers but it also wipe out many old businesses and business models in its way. Technology has few contenders to the throne of shaping the society. A bit behind, on second place we have the politicians. They have the power to set the rules for the game on how the developed technologies should be used. On third place we have the market which, within those stated frames, invents smart ways to translate the technologies into problems solving offerings for us consumers to consume.

Mobile phones seem to be on everybody’s lips these days. Iphone and Android creates a lot of excitement. The reason is its potential for being a surfing device on internet. It is a bunch of emerging technologies which combined force is to be reckoned with. Even if the technologies behind the mobile phone already have had tremendous effect on society, we apparently have seen nothing yet.

The mobile phone is more and more viewed as to becoming the most important “middleman” between the user and the cyber space in the future. These emerging technologies create a strong centrifugal force. Many related business ideas are forced to orbit around it. But also, more and more of them run the risk of becoming devoured of this black hole which the emergent technologies create.

Many producers are at risk. Producers of e.g. portable navigation devices see their business idea vanish according to Reuters. But it is not only GPS devices which are at risk. Producers of digital cameras and music devices are also worried. TV devices, surfing devices (e.g. computers), and payment devices (e.g. credit cards) can also lose their businesses to the mobile phone when we look a little bit further into the future.

Not even the traditional mobile phone producers themselves can feel safe. The world’s largest mobile phone producer Nokia is heavily invested in the Symbian platform. However, Iphone, Android and Microsoft seem to have other ideas on how this mobile thing should be played out and the Symbian platform seems not to be included in those plans. Right now the latter group seems to have the upper hand in this battle.

As with all technology driven forces, it is hard to foresee the outcome. But for the consumer it probably means a lot more of value added.

Due to the above, the future form of marketing is connected to mobile hand devices. How is marketing adapted and connected to this important device? Out of what I can understand, no one knows yet for sure. Marketing on the mobile phone is still little of a mystery. So there seems to be room for many new exciting marketing ideas. Someone who wants to have a go at it…?

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