Sunday, June 29, 2008

Readings on Sunday 29/6

Some fun Bric a brac outside of the normal topic

1 Wired is inspired of the Wiki idea and they urge people to turn in their “How-to”. Marketing on internet should be about engaging the consumer in different activities. Wiki "How-to target this well I think. There is something for everybody. Everybody is an expert on something. Why not just chose a topic which interests you and start to write?

2 If you want something more creative, and e.g. include the whole family in your actitives - why not create creators in the game Spore.

3 If you want something more advanced such as building social applications, the page of Zembly could be something for you.

4 Another article form Wired, but with a different theme to the above. This air machine Blackswift is awesome in every way - burn rate of money, speed etc.

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