Friday, June 27, 2008

Think out of your customer’s point of view! That is often continuously hard work

The need of walking in the customers shoes so to speak and see things out of the customer’s perspective is something we marketers often empathize.

But in our everyday practice, how easy is it not to forget this? We become preoccupied with other technical and tactical marketing stuff and lose sigh of how the customer think and what their real needs are.

A small example of this came about when I read the blog post of Willy Franzen. He argues that if you have the word "subscribe" over your RSS feed on your blog, you may scare away many potential consumers. My first reaction to this was that this is way overboard – “Of course everyone understands what subscribe to a feed means”! It does not mean that you have to pay for anything or something like that. However, after a while I saw the saneness in the argument. Yes, wrong of me to assume that the consumer necessary knows what subscribe means. I thereafter adapted my text of my RRS in an attempt to better meet the potential customer’s need and understanding. Now when I have changed it, I think it is much more clear and informative.

This is one small example on how easy it is to take things for granted and assume that everybody think as yourselves. Marketing is about checking continuously our activities so that they always are focused on the customers needs.

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