Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Avoid writing long blog posts is easier said than done

It feels like I write to long blog posts in general. I try to writer shorter. But that is not an easy task. Why write shorter? To write long is a problem when becoming a blogger. This I have learnt by reading those advices which more experienced blogger gives concerning this matter. To summarize my readings one can say that there are first and most two important reasons for why you should avoid writing to long posts. Both have to do with survival tactics on Internet. One reason has to do with the author and the other with the reader.

1 The first is that you as an author have no time to write long texts. It is unmanageable. It messes up your social life. It will make it impossible to keep on blogging. You run out of steam after a while.
2 The second reason is that the readers have no time or interest to read long posts. They want the essence of the story fast – called “the point”. It is said that the readers on internet nowadays do not really “read” any material any longer, they only browse. These are the reasons for making the posts short.

So in sake of taking care of my self and my reader, I have to learn to produce short texts. To be shorter can function as a motivator. To write short has to do with the whole writing process – from choosing a topic, choice of perspective, writing execution and to what should be called a succinctly wrap up. An additional factor for me as a non native English speaking person is of course the language. To write short is about master the language.

On the opposite side of this is the space you need to say what you want to convey in your post. This objective can contradict the objective of being short out of survival tactics. Conclusion? The value of a post is not solely created in the convenience of being short but also in the conveying of an insightful content - i.e. interesting material. There must be a trade of where you always try to find strategies to combine these two objectives. This is the real challenge for me as a blogger.

How have it worked so far? Well concerning this post it became much longer then I intended. But I think I needed this space to say what I wanted to say.

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