Thursday, July 10, 2008

The concept of free arouses strong feelings

Dan Moren, in his article, seems to long for earlier times when it comes to the question on how the producers should be paid on internet for their efforts. It also seems that many of the commentators agree with him. I also would like to agree with Dan Moren, but I have some problems with that.

Models of pricing in the old physical world are not the same as models of pricing in the new digital world. These two worlds are in many ways working under different logics and they are therefore not the same. To try to apply the model of pricing in the physical world on the digital world is a losers game in many situations for producers. It is a model which satisfies neither the needs of the producer or the consumer.

However, nothing is really free. The present solution of pricing in the digital world is not satisfactory. It hampers the development of the Internet. We need more alternative pricing models. But here are we very much in a limbo state still. We do not yet know the new solutions and how they should be materialized. However, we can be pretty sure that the solution of old pricing model in the physical world will only be one among many models in the future digital world

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