Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The fast pace of change on Internet even makes Google Reader stale

I’m a bit shocked, really. I did not see this coming. Well, at least not so soon. In May I wrote a post about how Google Reader changed my way of consuming information on internet. I praised Google Reader and the good things it created.

Now, in July, the Google Reader starts to feel cumbersome and stale. I still though like the fact that I can read the material on my own terms - when I want and wherever I want.

What has happen? The first obvious reason is that I have added to many feeds into my reader. I can not cope reading all the interesting material. I therefore can not add anything any more to the reader. That is annoying because I find all the time new interesting material which I would like to cover. Okay, I’m behind in my reader and I have not yet learnt to prioritise among different feed sources. But that is not the whole explanation.

The second reason is that Social Media seem to be a more effective way to satisfy my need for information. I’m now thinking of FriendFeed (FF). By following FF I can be much more effective in covering a big base of what is happening. I can do this without running the risk of getting bogged down as with the case of the reader. I can more easily and directly pick what interest me in the stream. This compared with the reader case where I have to go through so much material to find what for me can be called gems.

Okay, for me Google Reader is tumbling and FF seems to be an alternative solution for the future. Yes I will still use the reader but it will not be my main source of information. As always a combination of the two is maybe the best.
Will I have to write a post in the somewhat near future and complain about FF feeling stale? Most probably. The scale and pace of the change on Internet make a lot of things redundant rather fast it seems.

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