Thursday, July 3, 2008

Google Adsense will tell you the topic of your blog

I m not so used to write blog posts. I have therefore read somewhat on several blogs about what kind of mistakes many beginners do according to the more experienced.

One problem for beginners seems to be what topic they should write about. This is not any minor or silly problem, which you should just wink away. It is a strategic choice which may have long term effects for your blog. So it is important to put in some thinking into this choice.

But it is difficult to decide a topic or discern a topic. It is questions about what a topic is, when is it to narrow, and when is it too wide? This creates a lot of uncertainty. Many start to write without knowing exactly what their topics should be about. For some it becomes clearer after a while. Maybe one gets some input from the readers and that can help to create a clear picture of what your topic you write about is.

But all are not so lucky or have that patient. After long time they are still uncertain about what their topic is. You are maybe one of them? In that case here is a somewhat unorthodox suggestion to solution to the problem. Many of us let Google decide everything else in our lives (smile), so why not also this?

We have learnt that we always can trust Google algorithmically search. It is not build on any subjective methods. It is a machine which unbiased tells us e.g. which articles, books, blogs, and search word is most popular. The principle behind it is the beauty contest – the one who receive most votes are the most “beautiful”.

Okay, my point. Why not let Google Adsense (or similar) decide what your topic is? Go to Google Adsense and fetch as many ads you can to your blog. Then follow what kind of commercials turns up on your page. Do this for a week, maybe two. Voila! These will tell you what topic you write about.

On my page, I received commercials about market analysis, trend tools, and market analytics. They seems to be pointed towards readers in form of producers and B2B markets. Not so sexy if you ask me. But this is how Google perceived my blog I guess.

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