Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The schedule service of Blogger makes my life manageable but also out of sync

Bloggers has introduced a relative new schedule service. The service is an excellent addition to the service of blogger. Now I can plan my blogging in a much more efficient way. It keeps my life in balance.

However, blogger writing is very much an “in the moment” thing. It is the spontaneous and unpretentious which is fun about blogging I think. You read something, you get an idea and you want to write about it – here and now! You write one post and then you rush fast on to write the next one. Often in my case, the impulse is to publish the post right the moment it is done. But I know I have to pace myself. Blogging it is not a 100 meter race, it is a marathon. I try to concentrate my writing moments. With the schedule service I get a steady flow of publishing. But schedule also means that there becomes a separation between my writing and when its shows up on the blog. Publishing becomes stretch it out in time. Sometimes I’m maybe three weeks ahead.

Many would argue that this is a good thing - both for the author and the readers. One avoids publishing things in a rush which maybe is not so well though out. The schedule service calms everybody down on Internet and reduces the risk of eco chamber effect. It creates a possibility that the quality of my writing will be improved. More time for reflection of what I have written. When it is writing in a spur of the moment, the line of arguments is clear in my mind but they do not necessary come out that way on text. If you have some time to reflect before the text is published, you often detect these jumps in logic. Okay, this was only positive words of the new schedule service of Blogger.

But a strange feeling has appeared. The risk is that the arguments in the blog post feels awkward at the date of publishing – not wrong in content but wrong in time. Well you could argue that this should not be a problem because I should strive to write timeless posts. Yes, but that is not what I’m after here. It is that scheduling separated the three parts of my present thinking, the discussion on Twitter, Friend feed etc, and what is published on my blogger. It is a feeling of my blogging being out of sync to the stream of “collective consciousness” on internet. I publish something whereas my mind is already occupied with something else and the debate has also change since I wrote the post.

The post is detached from here and now. This is of course imaginary on my part. But still, for me it is a real and unsettling one. The spontaneous and “spur of the moment” of blogging fades somewhat.

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