Thursday, July 17, 2008 is crude but not without potentials

Swurl is a new aggregation service which I have connected my feeds to. It is a type of service which definitely has potentials Right now though, mostly in the concept of aggregation in itself. However, it gives to me value both as an author and a reader. I like that the service cleverly avoids duplication when aggregate many different feeds. I like the overview it gives over all my activities on the Internet. For me as a reader of others’ activities, I can very easily and fast apprehend and follow what they do.

But in its present state, I think the positive stops there. One has to say that Swurl in its present state is rather crude and raw. If you want to find other "Swurls" and communicate with those, it gets a little more complicated than or at least not as refined as on other services.

The aggregation of everything takes place in a crude form. It published whole of the feed text – you can not chose any usurps or similar. To have all published in it’s entirely form is not so good if you want your readers come to your blog for instance. It also aggregates your friend and their material but because of its scale that that implies, it is not so easy to follow.

All this said, I have good hopes for this service. I think that it is on to something which fits the future.

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