Thursday, July 24, 2008 is swell and refined

I have started to use Tumbler. It is an interesting life streaming concept. Even if it is an aggregator of your feeds it is very different from e.g. FriendFeed. The founders of Tumblr are from New York and not Silicon Valley, and the headquarters is in New York. I believe this creates a little different atmosphere on the blog (or maybe this is imaginary from my part).

The idea seems to be that it should be something between micro blogging and blogging. The simplicity of creating Tumblelogs is stressed as a big advantage. This compared with normal blogs.

The positive is that you get material from all your feeds presented on your page. It is very clearly presented and you have a god overview of your activities. The quality of the published material on the site is high. It is funny, inspiring and easy to digest. It is as much mp3, pictures, and video as text on Tumblr. The model seems also to foster very active Tumblogers.

There are several things which I miss in the service. To mention some negative things is that the feed do not handle duplicates from two of my feeds. Comments are in form of so called Rebloggs. It is not so good for communication I think. But it is easy to install Disqus on Tumblr. Unfortunately, not everybody has done that and that can hamper the communication. It is also difficult to mark favourite’s tumblogs. This I miss, when you want to go back to earlier log. It is also difficult to search on the material and among the tumblogers.

Gives Tumblr some great insights in technology or marketing? Not really. But it is fun and gives you some laughs and thoughts about life and being a human. Tumblr seems today be very popular and I am sure it will keep on developing and prosper in the coming future.

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