Thursday, August 7, 2008

My misuse of the Like button on FriendFeed

The use of the Like and Unlike button is good on FriendFeed. But the problem is that I have to use this function in a way which can cause misunderstanding. My use can send the wrong signal to readers. In present circumstances I have to use the Like button more as a bookmarker than a Like button. This because I have a need to find and go back to post I have read earlier on FriendFeed.

This problem is due to the fact that two important functions are missing in Friend Feed’s tool repertoire. First, FriendFeed needs to help me sort or filter among the people I follow. Second, FriendFeed needs to help me sort or filter among the post I read. Concerning the first, Thomas Hawk suggests that FriendFeed should have a favourite scale button on the people you follow – e.g. a scale from 1-10. Something like that could take care of this first issue. Concerning the second issue, I need a bookmaking or favourite button. That would make it possible for me to find and go back to a post which I read earlier.

In a situation of information overload there is always a need among the customers to get help with the filtering. A service which wants to create real value for its users can do this best by inventing easy to use tools for filtering when such information overload increases.

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