Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some reflections about the service

I have started to use It is another variant of already existing micro blogging services such as Twitter. What is my thought of the service so far?

When I added new friends on the service, my first reflection was how small the internet world really is. This at the same times as it is vast also of course. I recognized many people on Rejaw from other sites. That says something I think about how many similar services there are now out there and how quite few people there are who actively use these micro blogging services.

However, I like Rejaw. It allows me much freedom when writing a message – a shout as it is called – and I can very easily follow the flow of shouts. Overall I am pleased with the service.

But there are some things which I find irritating and unnecessary.

The first is that you can not follow the replies on a shout direct on the flow of shouts on the screen. Instead you have to click on the shout in question and then you can see all the replies. This is not so good I think. This because it is not often I bother to click on the shout. Thereby an opportunity to contribute to the dialog on the site is gone by. I think that FriendFeed has a much better solution here. On that site you very easy can see the comments under the question – without having to click on something. Such design function as a drive to contribute to the discussion I think.

The second thing is that if you want to go back in time of the shouts stream, you have to click for each page – i.e. first page two, three etc. It would have been much easier if you could go to e.g. page 10 immediately - if that was what you wanted to do.

The third thing is that it is not possible to mark some shouts or discussion as e.g. interesting. That makes it difficult to find and go back to a specific discussion later on. Again, compare this with FriendFeed's favourite button.

This was my immediate reflections about the service. But I think that it is as with all these types of services – Rejaw will develop and hopefully become even better than today.

Update 1: The fourth thing with the service is that the conversation around a Shout is closed after three days. The reason for this is that the Rejaw wants to have an active participation among the shouters. However, I think that this is a too short time frame. Not everybody can follow things in such a fast pace. The risk is that the opportunity of interesting inputs never becomes realized becomes the shout was read after three days.

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