Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Examples of the Same Old Routine from Marketers

There seems to be consensus that marketing has to changes. But it is one thing to know and another to change ones action. Many marketers do not still get it.

Adam Singer on the Future Buzz writes in the article “Just How Large Is The Business World’s Digital Divide?” about some ways marketers and PR People are lagging behind:

”• Still using E-newsletters and not blogs to present content (Why not both, if you can’t give up the e-newsletter? It is no addition work to give huge added value for your content)
• Still designing websites in all flash/video, not considering usability, SEO or building sustainable traffic
• Still presenting complex PowerPoints with slides that look like reading tests and end up communicating nothing instead of simplifying their messages (I will touch more on this in a future post)
• Still blasting out press releases designed for traditional media to bloggers
• Still trying to apply mass-marketing techniques to the social web
• Still thinking the TV-to-consumer model is not forever broken
• Still thinking that banner ads are a good way to spend a huge sum of money online
• Still using push marketing online instead of pull
• Still using trite, cliched adver-games that are a massive waste of resources to develop
• Still not thinking through what a website’s function should be, and just throwing something together
• Still not taking advantage of incredibly flexible tools, like RSS
• Still not jumping into global the conversation in a way that makes sense while competitors continue to broaden their presence there (and have been for years)”

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