Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An Old Truth Which Is Still Relevant

An old truth has always been that power comes foremost not from obtaining knowledge but from know how to use it. That is indeed also relevant today and in the future.

Adam Singer on the Future Buzz writes in the article “Just How Large Is The Business World’s Digital Divide?”:

“In the pre-Google era, those people and organizations that possessed book-like memories and vaults of information were highly valued.
Since anyone can now access any piece of information for free, whenever they want, merely being an information holder has zero value. Those that can organize and present that information in meaningful, innovative and useful ways are emerging as those with power. This is just one major way the world has changed.
Creativity in how you find, manage and then process infinite information is the important skill of today. So is being agile and having the ability to manipulate the global network for your needs.”.

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