Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Trend? A blog about what you will blog about in your other blog

So this is what it has come down to in our post and share frenzy on Internet?

What is a blog post? It can be everything most of us would say. But it seems that some of us stretch this notion in a very funny and interesting way.

The reason for my reflection is that I found that the writer Clive Thompson has a Tumblr with the remarkable title of:

A bunch of stuff. Things I haven’t got time to blog, but need to remember” [to blog about later!].

The funny thing for me here is that now we can blog about our ideas which we plan to write blog posts about. By Thompson publish his notes on Tumblr about possible future blog posts (or a Tumblrlog if you like); he has effectively created a blog post. Conclusion - you do not any longer need to write a blog post in itself. It is enough that you write that you are going too that - then you automatically have written a blog post.

What is next in this development I ask? Is it that we first publish a post about our notes on ideas which we should remember? Second we then publish a post were we explain that we are pondering about whether or not we are going to write a blog post in later time about some of the earlier published notes. Third we publish a post that we now have decided to write a blog post about a note or that we now have decided not to write a blog post about a note. Fourth we post a blog post to inform the readers that we now have started to write a blog post about a note and that it is soon ready to be posted. Fifth we publish our blog post about our published notes. Sixth and finally we post a following up blog what the published blog post was about and make notes on how it gives ideas to new blog posts which we should remember. The circle is closed. In alla these steps, it is possible to get feedback and input from the readers. All which can influence the writing process and the final product.

Must of us do only the fifth step today. But as you have seen, much can be elaborated when it comes to blogging - this especially in relation the concept of life streaming. The concept is only in its infancy and much can be developed it seems.

Ps: And yes - writing this blog post is about writing blog posts.

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