Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Interesting discussion in relation to Chris Brogan's blog post "Communications in a post media world"

Where is internet going and how will we use it in the future? These are examples of important questions to dwell up on.

Chris Brogan wrote a thoughtfull piece on "Communications in a Post Media World".

Many interesting comments where made to the post. For instance, Darryl Parker from Parker Web Marketing contributed with this:

"...we are building the largest [internet] machine ever built by mankind... We [all] are the builders. We are the visionaries. We are the ones whom generations forward will look back and marvel at what we did, what we all did individually and in our organic molecules. We - this generation - may be the most qualified to offer guidance as to its use. Are we the ancients?
I am not vaulted up by this observation. It burdens me. I believe it burdens you and many of the achievers in this space. Post media needs its beacons, but are the beacons simply warnings of crashing against the rocks or are they guidepost to navigate the channels?
Present is action. Future is direction. One must be considered in light of the other. If the beacons emerge, actions will follow."

Todd Lucier from Internet Marketing for Tourism added this information:

"The more people realize that the web isn’t a collection of articles, videos, stories but really a web of people, then true communities will bloom.
The key is to connect with your tribe, the people you have an affinity with and participate in sharing the big ideas on topics that matter.
Page views don’t matter, thought bursts do. Links don’t matter, connections do (is. Twitter friends and feeds).
One thing google has right, one thing the NY Times has right is the quality of the source. The fingers that point toward quality. To rise above the muck of the masses, share great ideas! You’ll earn your place as a trusted source. Even CNN had to prove it’s worth in the beginning.
These are early days my friends.".

I think that these examples gives vital information to what is important. The important relation between direction and action - instead of just action. Communication between humans instead of only links between different materials.

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