Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Marketing is more about the problem than about the solution

Marketing is about creating conncetion between problems and solutions. However, many times the fokus is to much on solutions and how to communicate those solutions to a customer. But when we disconnect the solution from the problem, it is then the real problem starts for us. Our presented solutions are precived as complex and incompehensible by the customer.

I think that Louis Gray explain this succinctly in his article "It's Not About the Technology, Stupid"

"What we need to do is help translate these honestly geeky tools into something that makes sense to the mainstream. Instead of talking about how many people you're following, APIs and how you use TweetDeck to follow specific terms in Twitter, start by explaining that the service is essentially text messaging that gets recorded and can be sent to many people at once. As for FriendFeed, I always explain it by breaking up the service into its two pieces. The Feed captures all your activity online. The Friend lets you see what your friends are doing, find new ones and interact with each other's content. Don't talk about 40+ supported services and how you can redirect to Twitter or Facebook. Start with the basics."

When we try to chisel out a basic problem and express it in a direct and simplistic way, we suddently can get help for many sources when it comes to the solution. I think that Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins gives a valuable hint to this in his article "Online Video Publishers Should Look to Monetize Audience, Not Video"

"Folks like Louis Gray and Robert Scoble have been able to launch entire Web 2.0 niches just by describing a problem, and then subsequently promoting a company or set of developers that work to solve those issues. Those are just two names I’m intimately familiar with within the hundreds of Twitter users that have several thousand or more subscribers. Twitter should be striking deals with these users and splitting the cash with them."

Sound marketing should be about focus on problems and value analysis around such problems. The key thing and the hard part are to come up with and formulate the problem. The possible solutions are in many ways already included in how you define the problem. And there are many people who can help you develop and communicate that solution.

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