Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inspiration for marketing - the mobile GPS trend

Google have just launched Latitude. There are many reasons for why this service will be successfull according to The Next Web.

Latitude is an another indication of the ever growing GPS trend. How it could be use in marketing is still in its infancy. though gives some inspiration in "Inside the GPS Revolution: 10 Applications That Make the Most of Location".

1 Drive Fast, Avoid the Cops

2 Sleep Easy, We'll Wake You. You will never fall a sleep and miss exit the train at your end station.

3 Play Tag, With Strangers

4 Call a Cab, the Easy Way. No more complicated adress explanations.

5 Scan a Barcode, Find a Deal

6 See the World, Through Google's Eyes.

7 Train Your Phone to Know Its Place. Train your phone to turn off at certain places.

8 Look Up! Be a Stellar Student. Impress when stargazing.

9 Dark Alley? Call for Help. Help you aviod certain areas.

10 Go Here When You Gotta Go. Find a restroom.

The GPS trend is important for marketers. The question is just how to tap into this fountain of wealth.

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