Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One more indication that the need to adapt the printed press to internet is accelerating

The death of printed press has been long talked about. And of course, the printed press will not die. However, many magazines and newspaper will have to adapt to a life on internet instead printed on paper. If someone doubts this, read e.g. the article in times on "Google and Amazon to Put More Books on Cellphones". This development has to do both with the producer side and the consumption side of the coin.

This trend seems to accelerate and it is important that the press make sure to establish a business model on internet before the crisis is imminent. In the beginning it should probably has something to do with selling ads on WebPages.

Nicholas Carlson from Silicon Alley Insider writes on "Wired's February Issue Is 3 Millimeters Thin". Even if it should not be exaggerated - this is one small indication of the digitalisation development and its acceleration in bad economic times. It is now the companies have time to adapt to the new circumstances. For those who do not do that in time – press life on paper will be a dire business.

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