Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The coming "sensors everywhere"

I stumbled upon this quotation the other day: "Personal information is the oil of the twenty-centry" CEO of DoubleClick”. Personal information has to be gathered in different ways.

That GPS and mobile phones will create a new environment for marketing, that we know. However an article form Chris Anderson from got me thinking about this. "The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete".

The future world is not only about GPS. The development is much bigger. It has to do with the coming emergence of sensors on "everything". This will have profound affect on our society and on marketing. This is therefore a topic which I will follow ahead. Below, therefore some basic articles on the topic.

From Sensors "Future Networks". "The next generation of networks will move beyond disconnected device-specific networks and systems and toward a distributed infrastructure, with intelligent functions residing across the entire network, from its edge to its core."

Also from Sensors "Reality Mining: Browsing Reality with Sensor Networks". "Sensors streaming their data online are turning the Internet into a global sensor network. Software platforms that integrate and mine these data streams may create a world in which sensors become pixels and we browse reality as easily as we browse Web pages today."

On the same subject, however somewhat old from Forbs. Still relevant though "Sensors gone wild"

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