Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An example of how to establish a clear and distinctive presence on the Internet - the case of Deena Marie Manzanares

How can a person/company make a presence on the Internet? We know a lot of things about how the activities which make up an effective presence on the net should be.

The activities should be easy to understand and find for the viewer. They should have a clean and straight forward design. They should be professional managed and updated on a continuously basis. All activities should be well integrated between themselves so that they create a “wholeness”. The activities together should create a feel of personality and authenticity of the person or company in question.

I think that the artists/actor Deena Marie Manzanares is a good example of such a successful strategy. She has been able to pull through a presence on the internet in an easy to understand manner at the same time as in a professional way.

She has a business site where Deena Marie Manzanare is presented. You find all information you need to know about her and her career. The site characterises of simplicity and professionalism. The design is clean. You find stuff very easy on the site and just by a few clicks you feel that you have a good overall picture of whom Deena is and what she do.

The (viral) motor in her presence on the internet is her "The Deena Show - The women with 1000's faces" on YouTube. Here you find short funny videos which Deena makes. In those videos, Deena’s good looks, personality, and talent become visible for the viewer. The topics of the videos are of general and current interest which the viewer, most likely, wants to share with others.

She has a presence on Twitter (and also on e.g. Facebook and MySpace) to inform people about news in the business, what is happening in her carrier, and chatting about more mundane stuff which is happening in her ordinary life.

All this establish a clear and distinctive presence on the Internet for Deena Marie Manzanares and are thereby a good example to learn form I think.

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